quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009


In the following weeks we are going to present our students PLAYLISTS! Let's keep an eye on it!

Class 8th D

Favourite songs: Numb ; Boston; Through the Fire and the flames;
Favourite bands/artists: Numb; Augustana; Dragonforce

Class 9th D

Favourite songs: I'm yours; Viva La Vida; Nothing else matters;
Favourite bands/artists: Jason Mraz; Coldplay; Metallica; Linkin Park;

Class 9th A

Favourite songs: Three Days Grace - never too late; Beggin; Infinity,2008;
Favourite bands/artists: Coldplay; Papa Roach; Nirvana; Beyoncé; Madcon;

Glitter Graphics

Music Glitters

Class 7th D

Favourite songs: Pushing me away; Smells like teen spirit; Now you're gone; Poker face;
Favourite bands/artists: Linkin Park; Nirvana; Basshunter; Lady Gaga;

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