quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Fruit salad

Fruit salad is a wonderful treat
Fruit is sweet and fun to eat

Apples are crunchy, red and round
They fall from trees onto the ground

An orange is the color of its name
Peeling one is like a game

Bananas are yellow, soft and long
Eat a bunch, you can't go wrong

Strawberries are sticky, sweet and red
It's messy to eat them in your bed

Blueberries are small and round and blue
They're squishy and lots of fun to chew

Raspberries are red with lots of seeds
Raspberry plants look just like weeds

Peaches are round with lots of fuzz
Eat them often just because

Plums are purple and have a pit
It's fun to eat them while you sit

Watermelons are juicy, sweet and pink
Spit your seeds into the sink

Pineapples are prickly and grow in trees
Eating one attracts the bees

Grapefruits are yellow, red and sour
You eat them in the breakfast hour

Pears are yellow, green or brown
Pick them off the trees in town

Fruit salad is great in any weather
Make a bowl to eat together

Tammy White

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